The Smarter Way To Protect Your New Home

Last Updated : August 29 2017

The Smarter Way To Protect Your New Home

by Cora Swanson 2017 August 28

The Smarter Way To Protect Your New Home

Your home is most likely your previous asset that also houses your most precious and irreplaceable possessions, including your family. Most people lock their doors and windows to keep their homes safe from intruders, but several other precautions should also be taken.

Being Smart with Lock and Key

Simply locking doors and windows is an essential and easy way to secure your home. Make sure you lock up even if you are only going to be gone for a short time. Here are a few more tips for lock and key safety.

*Change all locks and tumblers when you move into a new home. You do not know how many people have copies of the key.
*If you lose a key, replace your locks immediately.
*Do not keep a spare key in a mailbox or under a doormat. Instead, ask a trusted neighbor to hold a spare key for you or place a key in a small container and bury it in a spot in the yard that you will not forget.
*A chain lock is a great way for you to talk to someone on the porch without unlocking the door completely.
*Make sure your door locks from the inside as well as from the outside with a key.

Home Alarm System

A professionally connected home alarm system is an excellent way to prevent burglaries and can also help protect against fire and carbon dioxide. Alarm systems come in many forms with different installation styles. Below are a few points for your home security system:

*It is wise to employ a wireless security system so that skilled intruders cannot disconnect the alarm.
*Windows should have alarm system contacts or vibration sensors.
*If you move into a home with an existing home alarm system, communicate with the provider for an upgrade.
*A home security system is useless if it is not activated. Make sure that you turn it on whenever you are away or asleep.


Some intruders prey specifically on homes that are left unoccupied because of a vacation or getaway. These simple tips can help deter a thief:

*Install a home security system that will automatically notify the police if there is an intrusion.
*Ask someone to pick up your mail every day or have your mail and newspaper delivery suspended for the time you are gone.
*Leave the appearance that someone is home by installing timers to lights inside the house as well as to your porch light.
*Shades and curtains should be left in a normal position because shut up windows may alert someone to your absence.

If you have valuables you are nervous about, you may protect them best by finding them a new, temporary home while you are away. As an added precaution you can place all your valuable papers, jewelry, and other important items in a safe deposit box for safe keeping. Or if you have a trusted family member or friend, have them store them at their home for a few days while you are away.

During the winter time be sure to remember to keep your home warm enough that the water pipes won't freeze and cause damage. Set your heat system so that it won't get below 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Another good tip is opening your cabinet drawers to help bring more heat into your pipes that may be uninsulated.

The key to keeping burglars at bay is to make your home look occupied. Leave a car in the driveway or ask a neighbor to park their car in front of your home. Keep some lights turned on in your home. If you have lights that have timers, set them to go off at random times during the night to deter burglars.

Don't close every blind in your home. Having all of your blinds closed, especially during the day, makes it appear a little too guarded. This can be a giveaway that you aren't home to an experienced burglar.

Peace of mind is easier to protect from the start than it is to rebuild. Using a reliable alarm system, locking your home properly, and being smart while you are away will promote safety and tranquility for your family.

Cora Swanson
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